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You will need to download and install a license file on all Compute Server nodes (no license file is required for a Distributed Worker node). You will find detailed instructions for downloading a license in the Retrieving and Setting Up a Gurobi License section of the Gurobi Optimizer Quick Start Guide.

We will just provide a quick summary of the process here. Your first step is to locate and download your license file from the Gurobi License Center. When you download the license file, we strongly recommend that you place it in the default location:

  • C:\gurobi\ on Windows
  • /opt/gurobi/ on Linux
  • /Library/gurobi/ on macOS
  • The user's home directory
You can also set the environment variable GRB_LICENSE_FILE to point to this file.

In order to use the Cluster Manager, you will need to connect at least one Compute Server node to the cluster. When certain operations are requested such as submitting a job or a batch, the Cluster Manager will check the licenses available on the nodes. If none of the nodes have a valid Compute Server license, the operation will not be authorized.

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