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Starting the Cluster Manager as a Process

Once you have installed the Remote Services package, you can start grb_rsm as a standard process from a terminal window by simply typing grb_rsm. This will start the Cluster Manager server on the default port (port 61080):

> grb_rsm
info : Gurobi Cluster Manager starting...
info : Platform is linux
info : Version is 9.5.2 (build v9.5.2rc0)
info : Connecting to database grb_rsm on
info : Connected to database grb_rsm (version 4.0.4, host Server1)
info : Checking 0 cluster nodes
info : Creating proxy with MaxIdleConns=200 MaxIdleConnsPerHost=32 IdleConnTimeout=130
info : Starting cluster manager server (HTTP) on port 61080...

If you'd like to run grb_rsm on a non-default port, use the —port flag or set the PORT property in the configuration file. For example:

> grb_rsm --port=8080

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