Write MIP nodes to disk
  Type: double
  Default value: Infinity
  Minimum value: 0
  Maximum value: Infinity

If you find that the Gurobi optimizer exhausts memory when solving a MIP, you should modify the NodefileStart parameter. When the amount of memory used to store nodes (measured in GB, i.e., <span>$</span>10^9<span>$</span> bytes) exceeds the specified parameter value, nodes are compressed and written to disk. We recommend a setting of 0.5, but you may wish to choose a different value, depending on the memory available in your machine. By default, nodes are written to the current working directory. The NodefileDir parameter can be used to choose a different location.

If you still exhaust memory after setting the NodefileStart parameter to a small value, you should try limiting the thread count. Each thread in parallel MIP requires a copy of the model, as well as several other large data structures. Reducing the Threads parameter can sometimes significantly reduce memory usage.

Note: Only affects mixed integer programming (MIP) models

For examples of how to query or modify parameter values from our different APIs, refer to our Parameter Examples.