Log In to the Cluster

The first step in submitting a job to the cluster is to log in to the Cluster Manager with the grbcluster login command.

> grbcluster login --manager=http://localhost:61080 -u=gurobi
info  : Using client license file '/Users/john/gurobi.lic'
Password for gurobi:
info  : User gurobi connected to http://localhost:61080, session will expire on 2019-09...

This command indicates that you want to connect to the Cluster Manager running on port 61080 of machine localhost as the gurobi user. The output from the command first shows that the client license file gurobi.lic located in the home directory of the user will be used to store the connection parameters. It then prompts you for the password for the specified user (in a secure manner). After contacting the Cluster Manager, the client retrieves a session token that will expire at the indicated date and time.

Using this approach to logging in removes the need to display the user password or save it in clear text, which improves security. The session token and all of the connection parameters are saved in the client license file, so they can be used by all of the command-line tools (gurobi_cl, grbtune, and grbcluster). When the token session expires, the commands will fail and you will need to log in again.