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Submitting a Distributed Algorithm as a Batch

With a Cluster Manager, you can also submit your distributed MIP and concurrent MIP as a batch using the batch solve command. Distributed tuning is not yet supported. Here is an example:

 ./grbcluster batch solve DistributedMIPJobs=2 misc07.mps
info  : Batch f1026bf5-d5cf-44c9-81f8-0f73764f674a created
info  : Uploading misc07.mps...
info  : Batch f1026bf5-d5cf-44c9-81f8-0f73764f674a submitted with job d71f3ceb...

As we can see, the model was uploaded and the batch was submitted. This creates a parent job as a proxy for the client. This job will in turn start two worker jobs because we set DistributedMIPJobs=2. This can be observed in the job history:

> grbcluster job history --length=3
JOBID    BATCHID  ADDRESS       STATUS    STIME               USER  OPT     API        PARENT
d71f3ceb f1026bf5 server1:61000 COMPLETED 2019-09-23 14:17:57 jones OPTIMAL grbcluster
6212ed73          server1:61000 COMPLETED 2019-09-23 14:17:57 jones OPTIMAL            d71f3ceb
63cfa00d          server2:61000 COMPLETED 2019-09-23 14:17:57 jones OPTIMAL            d71f3ceb

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