The AGIFORS (Airline Group of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies) 2024 Scheduling and Strategic Planning Conference is a premier event dedicated to advancing the field of operational research within the airline industry. This annual conference, scheduled for July 8-10, 2024, will be held at the American Airlines Campus in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX. It brings together leading experts, researchers, and practitioners to share insights, innovations, and best practices in airline scheduling and strategic planning.

The 2024 conference will feature a comprehensive program of presentations, workshops, and panel discussions covering a wide range of topics, including flight scheduling, crew management, revenue management, network planning, and the integration of advanced optimization techniques. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with cutting-edge research, explore the latest technological advancements, and network with industry professionals from around the world.

Gurobi Optimization, a leader in mathematical optimization software, will be both exhibiting and speaking at the event. Our participation underscores the importance of optimization in tackling complex scheduling challenges and enhancing strategic decision-making in the airline industry. Gurobi’s presentations will highlight our latest solutions and applications, demonstrating how our powerful optimization solver can drive efficiency and innovation in airline operations.

Overall, the AGIFORS 2024 Scheduling and Strategic Planning Conference promises to be an invaluable forum for exchanging knowledge, fostering collaboration, and advancing the field of airline operational research.

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