Dr. Stefan Kirschbaum delivered a comprehensive presentation on the optimized design and operation of seasonal storages in energy systems. He introduced “Top Energy,” a product developed by GFI, enabling energy system modeling and optimization through flow sheets. The presentation addressed challenges in mathematical optimization for energy system planning, emphasizing factors like energy prices, weather conditions, and regulatory constraints.

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The complexity of energy system design and operation poses challenges in mathematical optimization, particularly with long-term time coupling constraints encountered in seasonal storages. Existing models often struggle to accurately represent real-world energy systems due to variability in end-user behavior and limited detailed information.


Dr. Kirschbaum presented a multi-stage approach to address these challenges, involving downsampling time series, relaxing binary constraints, and iteratively refining the model based on results. A rolling horizon approach was also discussed to optimize energy system operation over extended periods, aiming to enhance computational efficiency and model accuracy.


The presentation demonstrated the effectiveness of the multi-stage approach in optimizing energy system design and operation. By refining the model iteratively and incorporating feedback, significant improvements in computational efficiency and solution accuracy were achieved. Comparative analysis with existing methods showed superior results in terms of solution quality and computational time.

Dr. Kirschbaum concluded by highlighting promising developments in mathematical optimization for energy system planning. The methodologies presented offer practical solutions to complex challenges such as long-term time coupling constraints and end-user behavior variability. Future research aims to further refine these approaches and integrate them into commercial software solutions like Top Energy, advancing sustainability and efficiency in energy systems.

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