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Optimizing a power generation schedule

The electricity grid powers nearly every aspect of modern life — be it charging a phone, powering a factory, or mining Bitcoin. Managing the supply...


Efficiency Analysis

How can mathematical optimization be used to measure the efficiency of an organization? Find out in this example, where you'll learn how to formulate...


Economic Planning

In this example, you'll discover how mathematical optimization can be used to address a macroeconomic planning problem that a country may face. We'll...


Vehicle Rental Optimization

Boost your modeling skills with this example, which will teach you how you can use mathematical optimization to figure out how many cars a car rental...


Technician Routing and Scheduling Problem

Try this modeling example to discover how mathematical optimization can help telecommunications firms automate and improve their technician...


Refinery Planning

In this example, we'll demonstrate how you can use mathematical optimization to optimize the output of a refinery. You'll learn how to generate an...


Opencast Mining

How can a mining company use mathematical optimization to identify which excavation locations to choose in order to maximize the gross margins of...



Put your planning skills to the test in this example, where you'll learn how to model and solve a production planning problem that involves...


Logical Design

This problem is an example of constructing a circuit using the minimum number of NOR gates (devices with two inputs and one output) that will perform...


Food Manufacturing

If you're hungry for a mathematical optimization challenge, then try this food manufacturing problem. You'll learn how to create an optimal...

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