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Maritime Decarbonization: Simulating the Maritime Industry’s Transition to Net-Zero Emissions

Join us on April 20th for a one-hour webinar with Mathias Hintze, Analyst and Frederik Lehn, Model Developer at the Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping to learn how they are supporting maritime decarbonization by modelling likely transition scenarios towards net-zero emissions for the industry.

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Fleet Rotation and Revenue Management in a Car Rental Company

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How Decision Intelligence can help organizations plan and respond to Black Swan Events

Decision Intelligence can help organization plan and respond to Black Swan Events reducing Supply Chain Risk and building up Resiliency

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Optimizing Your Financial Future: A Goals-Based Approach to Financial Planning

The MyGoals team uses linear optimization with Gurobi to solve retirement planning complexities.

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Where Data Meets Decisions: Part 2

See several of our newest (and free) educational examples that students and instructors can use to learn and teach real-world applications of combined data science and optimization problem solving.

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Building Gurobi Models from Pandas Dataframes

Webinar: Building Gurobi Models from Pandas Dataframes.

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Using Trained Machine Learning Predictors in Gurobi

Webinar: Using Trained Machine Learning Predictors in Gurobi.

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Holiday Tech Talk - Prevent the Grinch from Stealing your Optimization Projects

In this Holiday Tech Talk, we will dive into some very unexpected ways of how Gurobi or applications that called it behaved, be it due to a mistake in the code, creative use of the solver by our users, numerical issues, or something else.

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Webinar: Matrix-friendly Modeling with Gurobipy

Starting with Gurobi version 10.0, gurobipy makes it very easy to build optimization models that are naturally formulated with multi-dimensional constraints.

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