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  • Data Professionals
  • Operations Researchers
  • Business Leaders
  • Academics
  • Consultants and ISVs
  • Optimization for Data Professionals

    Data Professionals

    When facing complex, mission-critical business decisions, it’s your job to examine the data and recommend the best course of action. But when faced with multiple objectives, multiple constraints, and an ever-changing business landscape, how can you be sure you’re making the best recommendations? That’s why data professionals are adding Gurobi to their analytics toolbox. By combining machine learning with Gurobi, you can explore a universe of possibilities and quickly identify and rank your best-possible courses of action.

  • Optimization for Operations Researchers

    Operations Researchers

    Your organization relies on your team to optimize revenue, deliver business value, and identify smarter, faster ways to solve problems. And you rely on mathematical optimization to get the job done. Although you have a wide range of solvers to choose from, Gurobi delivers the performance, flexibility, and expert support you need, so you can keep up with increasing demands.

  • Optimization for Business Leaders

    Business Leaders

    If it seems like decision-making has become more difficult lately, you’re not alone. In fact, Gartner reports that 65% of decisions are more complex than they were two years ago. You need to make decisions that lead to optimal business outcomes. That’s hard enough. But you have to do so in the midst of extreme complexity—such as global change, regulations, fluctuating energy costs, green energy targets, and supply chain disruptions.

  • Optimization for Academics


    We make it easy for students, faculty, and researchers to work with mathematical optimization. Whether for use in class, research, or industry consulting projects, academics can use Gurobi Optimizer at no cost. All the same Gurobi features and performance, with no limits on model size.

  • Optimization for Consultants and ISVs

    Consultants and ISVs

    Deliver the power of optimization to your customers. By integrating Gurobi into your suite of services or software solutions, you equip users to identify optimal solutions to their most complex problems.

  • Data Professionals
  • Operations Researchers
  • Business Leaders
  • Academics
  • Consultants and ISVs

What’s the difference between a “good” decision and an “optimal” decision? Millions in revenue.

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