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All of the components deployed in a Remote Services cluster can support TLS-encrypted communication. The Cluster Manager and the Compute Server nodes can be configured to use HTTPS with TLS v1.2 or later.

The server components support configurable TLS v1.2 cipher suites and policies with a configuration property (TLS_CIPHERS). You can list the supported cipher suites and policies using the (grb_rs ciphers) command. TLS v1.3 will be used if the client supports it, and in that case, standard cipher suites for this protocol version will automatically be selected. When using the Gurobi library, TLS v1.3 will be used only when the client is running on a Linux platform.

MongoDB and AWS DocumentDB also support encrypted communications and data encryption at rest, if necessary.

In addition, you have the option to use either the Cluster Manager itself or the load balancer in front of the Cluster Manager to remove the TLS encryption. In this case, HTTPS is used by clients, but internal communication between the Cluster Manager and the nodes would be unencrypted using HTTP. This is convenient when the cluster nodes reside in an isolated, secure network.

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