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LDAP Integration

The Cluster Manager can be integrated with an LDAP repository. This integration can be configured in the Cluster Manager settings section. The system administrator can specify connection parameters (including the use of LDAPS for encrypted communication), account filtering, and account mapping. Once activated, users will be given access based on the user accounts defined in the LDAP server.

Accounts with a system administrator role can log in using their local passwords, which enables them to administer the cluster even if there is a problem with the LDAP configuration. System administrators will need to log in using the special login page by following the "System Administrator Log in" link at the top of the main login page. System accounts (i.e., accounts with no interactive login) can always gain access using API keys only.

The Cluster Manager continually synchronizes user accounts with the LDAP server in the background. If a given user account is no longer mapped to the LDAP filter in place, it will be disabled. In particular, if an account was created before the integration with the LDAP server and if it is not mapped to the defined LDAP filter in place, it will be disabled. The same policy will apply during migration from local accounts to LDAP. Two important exceptions are system administrator accounts and system accounts, which will not be disabled for this reason.

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