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Gurobi Remote Services


Version 9.0, Copyright © 2020, Gurobi Optimization, LLC

Gurobi Remote Services is a set of Gurobi features that enables a cluster of one or more machines to perform Gurobi computations on behalf of other machines. The key components of Remote Services are:

  • Compute Server, which allows you to offload all Gurobi computations from a client machine onto a remote cluster.
  • Distributed Workers, which can be used to perform parallel computation on multiple machines.
  • The Cluster Manager, a new (optional) application server that provides secured access to your Remote Services cluster, as well as providing a Web User Interface and a command-line tool that make it easier to manage and monitor your cluster.

This document is organized into a number of sections. The first section provides an overview of Gurobi Compute Server and Remote Services. The next section, meant for system administrators, provides details on setting up Remote Services. The next sections provide details on using Remote Services and programming with Remote Services. Finally, we discuss using Remote Services with Gurobi Instant Cloud.

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