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The Instant Cloud Manager lets you list the active licenses associated with your account. The list provides the license id, the number of active machines, the rate plan, the remaining credit and the credit limit. It also indicates if the notifications have been enabled or disabled. The following icon may be displayed:

error If an error icon is displayed next to the license id, you can move the mouse over and a tooltip will display the exact reason (typically the license has expired or does not have enough credit). In this case, please contact your sales representative or the support.

From the list of licenses, you can perform the following actions:

edit Edit and save the notification settings.

Download the default license. The default license file can be used right away to start machines in the Cloud using the dedicated default pool of this license. The license file contains the default access ID and secret key for the selected license. You just have to place this file in your home directory which takes precedence, or in one of the following shared locations:

  • C:\gurobi\ on Windows
  • /opt/gurobi/ on Linux
  • /Library/gurobi/ on Mac OS X

In case you previously had a license file installed, please make sure to replace it, or set the environment variable GRB_LICENSE_FILE to point to the cloud license file, it will override the default locations.

statement Display the statements. From the list of licenses, you can also access the latest statement detailing the billing events on the selected license.

License Sharing

Note that you can ask Gurobi support to share a license among users of the same organization. In this case, machines and pools related to a shared license will be accessible by multiple users. Any user of a shared license can create, launch, or terminate machines and pools with the same access rights.

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