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Notifications can be automatically generated when a specific situation may require your attention:

  • a license remaining credit is low,
  • a license is about to expire,
  • or a machine is running out of memory (usage over 90%).

Notifications are enabled by default for Bronze, Silver, and Gold licenses with default thresholds. You may need to review the settings of your licenses to enable or disable the notifications, and adjust the thresholds according to your needs.

In the license panel, you can open the detail page and edit the notification settings in the notifications tab. Notifications can be enabled or disabled for each license. You can also provide several thresholds to trigger notifications:

  • A warning credit notification will be generated if the current credit minus the credit limit is lower than or equal to the warning threshold.
  • An urgent credit notification will be generated if the current license credit minus the credit limit is lower than or equal to the urgent threshold.
  • A license expiration notification will be generated if the current license expires within the specified remaining days.

You can also set the behavior to receive emails. Notifications can be distributed via email to all the users sharing a license, a specific subset of these users, or remain silent. Finally, you can create a test notification to verify that you are able to receive the emails.

When a notification is generated, it is then accessible in the notification panel. In this panel, you can list the open and closed notifications. Credit notifications are automatically closed when the license has been credited with enough funds. You can filter the notifications by license ID and see the details of each notification. You can also check if the emails were sent and to which recipients.

Note that each user has a preference setting to unsubscribe from notifications. If a user unsubscribes for his account, the user will not receive any notifications. However, notifications will remain listed in the notification panel.

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