select ( pattern )

Returns a list containing the values associated with keys that match the specified tuple pattern. The pattern should provide one value for each field in the key tuple. A '*' value indicates that any value is accepted in that field.

Without arguments, this method returns a list of all values in the tupledict.


pattern: Pattern to match for a key tuple.

Example usage:

  d = tupledict([((1,2), 'onetwo'), ((1,3), 'onethree'), ((2,3), 'twothree')])
  print(d.select())       # prints ['onetwo', 'onethree', 'twothree']
  print(d.select(1, '*')) # prints ['onetwo', 'onethree']
  print(d.select('*', 3)) # prints ['onethree', 'twothree']
  print(d.select(1, 3))   # prints ['onethree']