sum ( pattern )

Returns the sum of the values associated with keys that match the specified pattern. If the values are Gurobi Var objects, the result is a LinExpr. The pattern should provide one value for each field in the key tuple. A '*' value indicates that any value is accepted in that field.

Without arguments, this method returns the sum of all values in the tupledict.


pattern: Pattern to match for a key tuple.

Example usage:

  x = m.addVars([(1,2), (1,3), (2,3)])
  expr = x.sum()       # LinExpr: x[1,2] + x[1,3] + x[2,3]
  expr = x.sum(1, '*') # LinExpr: x[1,2] + x[1,3]
  expr = x.sum('*', 3) # LinExpr: x[1,3] + x[2,3]
  expr = x.sum(1, 3)   # LinExpr: x[1,3]