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import gurobipy as gp
from gurobipy import GRB

# Variation of, with a focus on remote services
# When remote resources are tied to the optimization process, such as a token
# server, compute server, or Instant Cloud, extra care should be taken to
# ensure that such resources are released once they are no longer needed.
# Technically, such resources are managed by a gurobipy.Env object
# ("environment").  This example shows best practices for acquiring and
# releasing such shared resources via Env objects.
# See also

def populate_and_solve(m):
    # This function formulates and solves the following MIP model (see
    #  maximize
    #        x +   y + 2 z
    #  subject to
    #        x + 2 y + 3 z <= 4
    #        x +   y       >= 1
    #        x, y, z binary

    # Create variables
    x = m.addVar(vtype=GRB.BINARY, name="x")
    y = m.addVar(vtype=GRB.BINARY, name="y")
    z = m.addVar(vtype=GRB.BINARY, name="z")

    # Set objective
    m.setObjective(x + y + 2 * z, GRB.MAXIMIZE)

    # Add constraint: x + 2 y + 3 z <= 4
    m.addConstr(x + 2 * y + 3 * z <= 4, "c0")

    # Add constraint: x + y >= 1
    m.addConstr(x + y >= 1, "c1")

    # Optimize model

    for v in m.getVars():
        print(f"{v.VarName} {v.X:g}")

    print(f"Obj: {m.ObjVal:g}")

# Put any connection parameters for Gurobi Compute Server, Gurobi Cluster
# Manager or Gurobi Token server here, unless they are set already
# through the license file.

connection_params = {
    # For Compute Server you need at least this
    #       "ComputeServer": "<server name>",
    #       "UserName": "<user name>",
    #       "ServerPassword": "<password>",
    # For Cluster Manager you need at least this
    #       "CSManager": "<manager name>",
    #       "CSAPIAccessID": "<access ID>",
    #       "CSAPISecret": "<secret>",
    # For Instant cloud you need at least this
    #       "CloudAccessID": "<access id>",
    #       "CloudSecretKey": "<secret>",

with gp.Env(params=connection_params) as env:
    # 'env' is now set up according to the connection parameters.
    # The environment is disposed of automatically through the context manager
    # upon leaving this block.
    with gp.Model(env=env) as model:
        # 'model' is now an instance tied to the enclosing Env object 'env'.
        # The model is disposed of automatically through the context manager
        # upon leaving this block.
            # Add appropriate error handling here.

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