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Explore our modeling examples below, access them via GitHub, or download the entire collection. You can also check out examples for other programming languages, or dive into our functional code. MIP developers: Be sure to check out ticdat.

Introductory: Tutorial Example

This tutorial assumes that you know Python and that you have a background in a discipline that uses quantitative methods.


These modeling examples assume you know Python and have some knowledge about building mathematical optimization models.


These modeling examples assume that you have some knowledge about building mathematical optimization models. In addition, you should know Python and be familiar with the Gurobi Python API.


These modeling examples assume that you know Python and the Gurobi Python API and that you have advanced knowledge of building mathematical optimization models. Typically, the objective function and/or constraints of these examples are complex or require advanced features of the Gurobi Python API.

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Airline Planning After Flight Disruption

Weather events are a major threat to the airline industry. This notebook walks through the optimization problem of deciding which flights to operate and which flights to cancel after a weather disruption.

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Avocado Price Optimization

This example optimizes avocado prices to maximize revenue using a quadratic program. The relationship between price and demand is modeled using linear regression.

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Introduction To Mathematical Optimization Modeling

Learn the key components in the formulation of mixed-integer programming (MIP) problems. You will learn how to use the Gurobi Optimizer to compute an optimal solution of the MIP model.

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New at Gurobi

Gurobi 10.0 Delivers Blazing-Fast Speed, Innovative Data Science Integration, and an Enterprise Development and Deployment Experience
Latest release enables data professionals to easily integrate machine learning models into optimization models to solve new types of problems.
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Webinar: What’s New in Gurobi 10.0
In this webinar, attendees will get a first look at our upcoming product release, Gurobi 10.0. We will summarize the performance improvements and highlight some of the underlying algorithmic advances, such as the network simplex algorithm, enhancements in concurrent LP, and optimization based bound tightening.
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Cost Savings & Business Benefits for Gurobi Customers
2022 Total Economic Impact™ Study Reveals A 518% ROI with Gurobi
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