Join the Competition

Why is optimization such a difficult problem to solve and why is it a crucial skill for data scientists and decision makers? We put together an extensive game that helps explain just that. And to make it more fun, we have a competition just for Super Data Science listeners.

  1. Visit We recommend using a laptop/desktop to play.
  2. Log into your Gurobi account, or register for a free account.
  3. Click on Championship Mode.
  4. Enter match code: superdatascience
  5. Enter a display name / alias and start feeding hungry customers!
  6. Make sure to save your scores!

For more info on the game and how to play, click here.

To view the leaderboard, start a round with the match code and click where you see CHAMPIONSHIP below the mini-map on the left.


Free Learning Resources

We’ve built an extensive library of resources to help data scientists learn mathematical optimization and many of these resources are in one place! We’re always adding more content and resources made for data scientists so fill out the form to stay in the loop.


Using Databricks for Optimal Decision Making

Databricks is one of the premier tools for creating and deploying machine learning models. We recently hosted a webinar, “Add Decision Making to Your Databricks Toolkit with Mathematical Optimization” to explain more about mathematical optimization and how it can seamlessly add decision making into your Databricks workflow.

Check out the recording here!

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