Gurobi Cloud

Fully managed Gurobi Solver on Microsoft Azure® and Amazon Web Services®

Powerful Optimization on Fast Machines

The Gurobi Cloud is a simple and cost-effective way to get up and running with powerful Gurobi optimization software running on cloud services. It allows you to launch one or more computers, pre-loaded with Gurobi software and dedicated to you, to handle whatever your optimization needs are. Simply choose the subscription plan and deployment option that best meets your needs, and then pay only for what you use.


The Gurobi Instant Cloud communication is secured with HTTPS encryption. Gurobi Cloud provides Gurobi Compute Server capabilities, which include queuing and load balancing for an unlimited number of client jobs. Gurobi Cloud also offers distributed optimization capabilities. Read the Gurobi Product Brochure to find out more.


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Features and Benefits

Ease of Use

We handle all of the behind-the-scene details. Simply install Gurobi software on a local machine, download your license from the Cloud Manager (, and the Gurobi Instant Cloud connects your computer to the cloud.

Maximum Power

Choose the number and power of machines you want, and even create multiple machine pools. Computers are available across the globe, with up to 768 GB of memory. Scale up or down your machine pools depending on your needs.


Once you have purchased a subscription plan, you pay only for the number and type of machines you use. You can even upgrade your plan to a higher usage level at any time. There are no restrictions on model sizes, users or client machines.

Available Anytime

Your dedicated cloud servers are provisioned automatically in a matter of minutes, pre-configured with the latest Gurobi software and a license.

Support for Azure® and Amazon EC2®

Gurobi Instant Cloud supports both environments for added flexibility and the best integration with your environment.

Intuitive Web Interface

The Instant Cloud Manager lets you manage active machines and jobs, display detailed job information within the job dashboard, or access the history of recently used machines.

Room to Grow

With a simple REST API, your application can control its cloud servers.

Streamlined Billing

With the Gurobi Instant Cloud you receive one bill covering both license and machine costs.

Instant Cloud Manager

The Instant Cloud Manager lets you manage your licenses, machines, pools, and settings. You can also access the active machines and the history of recently used machines. The licenses can be shared among users of the same organization so that multiple users can manage a set of machines and pools.

gurobi cloud instant cloud manager


To learn more, you can follow the steps from the getting started tutorial. To open the Instant Cloud Manager, you must be logged in and have an Instant Cloud license.


Getting StartedOpen Cloud Manager View our Service Level Agreement



A pool defines a configuration (machine type, region and other parameters) as well as a number of compute servers and distributed workers. Instant Cloud provides you with predefined pools for your licenses, and you can create new ones depending on your needs, for example:

  • a pool with distributed workers for distributed optimization or tuning
  • a pool with a large machine for challenging models
  • a pool with multiple compute servers to load balance concurrent optimization jobs in production
  • multiple pools in different data centers to minimize latency with your applications
  • multiple pools for test, QA, and production

gurobi cloud pools chart

If you see that your application needs a larger machine or more machines, just update the pool definition. The next time the application will access the pool, the new machines will be launched according to the updated specification. Pools can be scaled up or down by starting or stopping machines of a pool in matter of minutes.

Regions and Machine Types

Gurobi Instant Cloud is available in 5 AWS regions (California, Virginia, Sydney, Tokyo and Frankfurt) and 3 Azure regions (US East, US West 2, EU West). Depending on the Cloud provider and region, you are able to select the right configuration for your application. Note that some configurations may not be available in all regions.

Provider Type RAM (GB) #Cores Category
AWS c6i.4xlarge 32 8 Compute Optimized
c6i.8xlarge 64 16 Compute Optimized
c6i.16xlarge 128 32 Compute Optimized
z1d.12xlarge 384 24 High Performance
r6i.8xlarge 256 16 Memory Optimized
r6i.16xlarge 512 32 Memory Optimized
r6i.32xlarge 1024 64 Memory Optimized
Azure F16v2 32 8 Compute Optimized
F32v2 64 16 Compute Optimized
F72v2 144 36 Compute Optimized
HC44rs 352 44 High Performance
E64v3 432 32 Memory Optimized

Automated Provisioning

Your pools are integrated with the Gurobi client libraries so that machines will be launched automatically when you start an optimization session in your application. If the machines are already launched, they will be immediately used for optimization. You can select the pool you want to use by downloading the license file associated with each pool. No need to know more about cloud computing, Instant Cloud will do it for you.

$ gurobi_cl afiro.mps
Waiting for cloud server to start..........
Capacity available on '999999-default' cloud pool - connecting...
Established HTTPS encrypted connection

Gurobi Optimizer version 9.1.2
Copyright (c) 2021, Gurobi Optimization, LLC


Solved in 3 iterations and 0.74 seconds
Optimal objective -4.647531429e+02

The cloud license file will work seamlessly with all languages or environments supported by Gurobi: C++, Python, MATLAB, Java, .Net, C or R. You can also specify directly in your program the access id and the secret key found in the license file using the Gurobi environment constructor (see the Gurobi reference manual).


Job Management and History

You can now access the list of queued, running or recently ended jobs. The optimization expert can then open the job dashboard to display various views about the selected job:

  • general job information and status
  • current KPIs of the model and the algorithm
  • changed parameters passed to the job
  • charts showing the progress of the optimization
  • live engine log

gurobi cloud job management and history

In addition, jobs can be automatically archived for later access to the metadata and the engine log.


Active Machines and History

As we have shown, the machines will be started when needed by Instant Cloud using the pools. In addition, you can list the active machines or access the history of recent machines to monitor your environment.   gurobi cloud active machines and history


Advanced Integration

Using the Instant Cloud REST API, you can build custom frameworks to manage machines and pools. You can create pools, start and stop machines or pools without dealing, with the details of the cloud infrastructure. The API is secured by encrypted communications (HTTPS) and API keys that you can retrieve from the Instant Cloud Manager.



Other Cloud Options

Other cloud options exist. Please contact to discuss other options.

Cloud Trial

We are happy to approve 20 free hours of the Gurobi Cloud (up to $25 worth of machine credit) to qualified commercial users so they can test the Gurobi Cloud for themselves. These licenses have all the features and power of our regular commercial cloud licenses, including having no limit on problem sizes, but are meant for evaluation purposes only. With approval of your free cloud trial license time, you will also receive:

  • Free benchmarking services
  • Free model tuning services
  • Access to Gurobi’s world-class technical support
  • Two free hours of one-on-one consulting services

Both our benchmarking and model tuning services can be done using anonymized files. This allows you to get the benefits of our benchmarking and tuning support, while meeting any confidentiality requirements you have. Can’t see the form? Click here to open a new window and form you can use. Once registered, please navigate to Getting Started with Cloud Guide.

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