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The Nextmv Gurobi integration is now live! This integration pairs all the Gurobi features you know and love with the Nextmv DecisionOps platform to accelerate how you perform historical and online tests, roll out to production with confidence, and collaborate on model development.

Gurobi is known in the mathematical optimization industry as a fast and scalable solution across a range of problem types. In our past experience, we’ve reached for Gurobi to solve large-scale, complex optimization problems. So we’re thrilled to make it available as part of the Nextmv platform as another option available to our users.

Check out the brief video demo above, watch the getting started techtalk, and read on for more details.

Introducing the Nextmv Gurobi Integration

This new integration allows Gurobi users to take an existing or net-new decision model and add it as a decision app in Nextmv. A Nextmv decision app is a construct that contains all the pieces you need to deploy, test, and manage your decision model powered by Gurobi. Let’s have a look!

Unique API endpoints: Each decision app comes with a set of unique API endpoints to call for running, managing, and experimenting on your custom decision models. Backed by enterprise-grade infrastructure, you have a clear path to production that accelerates the real-world impact of your model.

Set of unique API endpoints for a Gurobi-based decision model in the Nextmv console.

Online and historical testing tools: Nextmv’s platform comes with a suite of testing and experimentation tools designed for decision models. From historical (batch, scenario, acceptance, etc.) to online tests (shadow and switchback), model testing builds confidence in how you roll out to production at each step of model development.

Acceptance test results for comparing a production decision model to a staging decision model

CI/CD workflow integration: Ship higher-quality code to production faster, while accounting for decision quality and problem drift. Nextmv integrates with your Git and CI/CD workflows, allowing you to work with your decision models like any other software in your organization.

Collaboration console: Decision modeling is often a team sport. Collaborate with teammates through a common UI to view run history, visualize test results, and more to accelerate stakeholder buy-in in a repeatable and transparent way.

Getting Started

To get started with the Nextmv Gurobi integration, simply send Nextmv a message and they’ll activate a trial through your free Nextmv account. From there, you can:

  • Download the Nextmv CLI
  • Clone a Nextmv Gurobi app example
  • Validate your Gurobi license using their Web License Service (WLS)
  • Push your model code to your decision app to start making runs

We’re excited that this new integration is now available to Gurobi users in the mathematical optimization community. We hope you’ll try it out and let us know what you think in the Nextmv community forum, or reach out directly!

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