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Gurobi Optimizer Reference Manual

Version 7.0, Copyright © 2017, Gurobi Optimization, Inc.

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This is the reference manual for the GurobiTM Optimizer. It contains documentation for the following Gurobi language interfaces:

The Gurobi interactive shell is also documented in the Python section.

The different Gurobi language interfaces share many common features. These are described at the end of this manual. Two particularly important common features are the Attribute interface and the Gurobi Parameter set. You may wish to bookmark these pages, since you are likely to refer to them frequently as you develop applications that use the Gurobi Optimizer.

This document also includes information on our Distributed Parallel Algorithms, which allow you to use multiple machines to achieve higher performance, Gurobi Compute Server, which allows you to offload Gurobi computations from a set of client machines onto one or more servers, and Gurobi Instant Cloud, which allows you to launch machines on the cloud and offload Gurobi computations to them.

Additional Resources

You can consult the Gurobi Quick Start for a high-level overview of the Gurobi Optimizer, or the Gurobi Example Tour for a quick tour of the examples provided with the Gurobi distribution.

Getting Help

If you have a question that is not answered in this document, you can post it to the Gurobi Google Group. If you have a current maintenance contract with us, you can send your question to

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